• About SeedOurFuture.org

    Want to leverage your brand in an eco-friendly way? And participate in a global campaign to help restore forests, reduce global warming and ultimately insure a healthier planet? If so, we have one word for you

    Farfromboring.com presents Seed Our Future Tree Cards. Our cards help to benefit a non-profit organization that has planted over 50 million trees around the globe since 1988!

    Seed CardsA Seed Our Future Tree Card promotional campaign is easy. You purchase cards, which are customized with your logo. You distribute cards to clients and employees. To plant a tree, the recipient goes to a web site, enters a PIN code and selects a country for their planting. They can then print a personalized certificate branded with your logo. At the web site, they can also read about eco-friendly activities to reduce their carbon footprint.

    When you give Seed Our Future Tree Cards you not only help the planet, but also enhance your company’s brand image by demonstrating your environmental awareness. And you receive additional exposure by participating in a campaign with other respected corporations who agree that the well being of our planet is possible only through collective responsibility. Find out how Seed-Our-Future can enhance your brand image and business.

    To get started, call us at 888-851-TREE or to view a DEMO of the SeedOurFuture.org Program CLICK HERE and use pin code: world

    Seed Our Future. That’s a program we can live with.

    Please check this blog weekly for timely information about the Seed-Our-Future campaign, global warming and eco-friendly tips.
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  • To View a Demo of SeedOurFuture.org Click Here Use Pin Code: World