Environmental Impact of Deforestation

The World Resources Institute considers deforestation one of the world’s most pressing land-use problems.

Deforestation leads to several community and environmental problems. Looming consequences such as loss of various forms of life that inhabit the planet, destruction of forest-based-societies and climatic disruption are eminent dangers all of us need to acknowledge.

The two largest surviving regions of rain forest are in Brazil and Indonesia. They are being stripped at an alarming rate by logging, fires and land-clearing for agricultural use and cattle-grazing.

According to the World Resources Institute, more than 80 percent of the Earth’s natural forests have already been destroyed and since 1900 up to 90% of West Africa’s coastal rain forests have disappeared.

Soil Erosion

Currently soil erosion is one of the most prevalent environmental problems. Accelerated soil erosion by water or wind may affect agricultural areas as well as natural environments. Soil is lost due to the deficiency of the protective cover of vegetation. This is a direct result of our negligent actions. Logging, overgrazing or improper farming practices are leaving the land unprotected and vulnerable. Trees help prevent erosion and landslides which in turn helps to enrich and nourish the soil.

A solution must be reached

Our actions and the choices we make today have the ability to make or break the future of our planet. Though this generation may not immediately encounter or suffer the effects of deforestation the next generation and their children will likely be the ones who not only bear the burden but suffer the consequences. Take steps to prevent soil erosion by keeping soil healthy. Soil rich in organic matter is less susceptible to getting washed or swept away. Whenever possible, switch to renewable energy sources such as water, wind or solar power. Plant trees to offset the carbon dioxide we are producing. Photosynthesis allows trees to take CO2 out of the air, replacing it with oxygen. Planting trees is the most cost-effective way to take CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Seed Our Future
Give a tree to be planted and become part of a campaign to help reduce the effects of global climate change. Planting trees in honor of or in remembrance of someone is the perfect choice for any occasion. Every Seed Our Future campaign gift can be customized to suit any event or special occasions.

Planting trees by participating in our reforestation campaign enables you to not only help protect the environment you will also be helping to protect and preserve time-honored livelihoods and cultures for future generations.

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